Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kamiti Prison Eucharistic Retreat: Day 3

Final Benediction before the closing Mass.
 The Eucharistic retreat ended on an extremely positive note. It was evident that there had been a significant breakthrough for many of the men attending. Talks on the last day touched on the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Mother and Advocate, as well as the "weapons" we need to persevere in the "spiritual combat" of our Christian lives.

Fr. Ray and I with the leaders of the Catholic community in maximum security.
 Fr. Ray celebrated and preached the final Mass in Kiswahili, which was followed by a time of testimonies, thanks and - of course - photo ops.

Br. John Baptist and I with the catechist who works in maximum.
A new friend and brother.
Group photo of retreatants and team.

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  1. wow! this must have been a life changing human experience! Are you still in Kenya Fr.? I would love to see you.I wrote you an email but did not get a reply. I will pray for you. As I see it, the Lord is strengthening you daily, you haven't changed since 2009! May He reward your work as you reach out to his people. Be blessed. Irene