Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Retreat - Maximum Security, Kamiti Prison: Day 1

Br. Juan Pablo, MC, teaching songs to the retreatants.
 On Wednesday, April 25, we began a three-day Eucharistic retreat for the Catholic men in maximum security in Kamiti prison. About 80 participated. As usual, there was a lot of music, both upbeat and lively, and more slow and solemn.

The team, consisting of Fr. Ray, MC, Br. Juan Pablo, MC, Br. John Baptist, CFR and myself all took turns giving talks on different topics related to the theme.

Br. John Baptist opening with a talk about Jesus.

We prayed the Rosary each day before Mass.
 Mass was celebrated each day, first thing in the morning on the first two days, and then to conclude the retreat on the final day.

Fr. Ray preaching about the Bread of Life at Mass on the first day.
Attentive listeners.
Receiving Holy Communion with humility.
Our altar of reposition.

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  1. these pictures have left me with tears in my eyes.Yes, the prisoners have dignity, because nothing can take away their freedom. I want to serve God everyday of my life:)