Monday, June 3, 2013

Feast of San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the Farmer), Patron of La Ceiba

Twin sister altar servers
(the young woman elected "queen" of this
year's festival is located behind and to the right).
Patronal feast days are big celebrations in Latin America, and La Ceiba is no exception. On the evening of May 14, a large number of people braved a rain shower to join the procession with the statue of San Isidro through the streets to the open air altar for the vigil Mass. In addition to the bishop, priests and altar servers were marching bands, the La Ceiba festival queen and her court and hundreds of Catholic High School Students carrying lanterns. It was a very moving public celebration of our faith.

The procession coming from the direction of the coast
and passing in front of the cathedral.
Catholic high school students carried yellow and red lanterns in procession,
and lined both sides of the street as the statue arrived at the open air altar.
Fr. Michael Lenihan celebrates the vigil Mass with hundreds of faithful in attendance.

Of course the celebration was followed by a fireworks display (above), and on the outskirts of the site there were plenty of food vendors and game booths (below).

The following morning, May 15 - the actual feast day of St. Isidore, there was a Mass in the cathedral with all of the priests and religious of the diocese, the mayor and other officials of the city of La Ceiba, and a full congregation of participants. During the offertory procession, traditional symbols of St. Isidore )also used by the farmers and campesinos= of Honduras were presented: a shovel, hoe, machete, boots, rope and a basket of fruit.

During the celebration, Fr. René Flores Pineda was presented as pastor of the new parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Colonia Sauce, to be formally established on June 16.

Trying to be of service in this new diocese in whatever way I can, I was happy to contribute the photos of the events that appeared in the national Catholic weekly, Fides:

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