Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liberia: VOA and Rick's - St. Gabriel's Outstations

The chapel at Rick's
While with Fr. Adrian in Liberia, I accompanied him on several visits to parish outstations. The first was in an area called Rick's, to a small Catholic community that's just starting to get on it's feet.

Most of the time when going to outstations, we saw scenes like the one above and below. Liberia is one of the greenest and most fertile countries I've ever seen, due in no small part to the abundant rain that fell almost every day.

We visited the chapel in VOA (Voice of America, named for the radio tower used by that station that used to stand nearby) on two occasions: one for the weekly catechesis of children preparing for Baptism and for the other Sacraments, and the other for the weekly feeding program.

The Catholic chapel at VOA (above and below).

A beautiful Liberian child.

For $100 USD Fr. Adrian can provide a very nutritious meal (including chicken) to about 150 underfed children of mostly Sierra Leonian refugees living in VOA.

Prince, the chief catechist at VOA, surrounded by children in the feeding program.

Fr. Adrian on the back of a motorcycle leads the way into the bush.

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