Friday, September 28, 2012

Liberia: Monrovia

The bridge over the ocean inlet that leads to the center of Monrovia.
St. Gabriel's Parish, where I stayed with Fr. Adrian, is in Brewerville on the outskirts of the capitol city of Monrovia. On one particular day, though, we took a trip into the city with some of the Cenacolo community members to meet the Archbishop and run some errands.

A building in downtown Monrovia.
We were finally able to meet Archbishop Lewis Zeigler after he finished an all-morning meeting about plans in the archdiocese for the upcoming year of faith. He is a humble man of the people who was bishop of a smaller, more rural diocese in the country and reluctantly accepted the position of archbishop at the urging of the Holy See.

Archbishop Lewis Zeigler with Fr. Adrian, teachers and Catholic school children.
Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown Monrovia.
Billboard with photo of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, first woman president of an African nation
and Nobel Peace Prize winner

After we met with the archbishop and the Cenacolo members completed their errands we stopped for a bite to eat near the Atlantic Ocean (above) and prayed a walking Rosary on the beach (below).

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