Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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I apologize to the friends and benefactors of Franciscan Mission Outreach for the lapse of over a month since my last posting in December.

After Honduras (the last post), I flew to Lima, Peru for a family wedding of some wonderful friends and supporters of our missionary efforts. I hope to post a few photos and video clips from that visit in the near future. Upon returning to the US shortly before Christmas I was waylaid by a pretty serious virus I had picked up somewhere along my travels, and got back on my feet just in time for the rush of Christmas activities that ran into the New Year. We departed for Haiti on January 4th (see the following post); I returned a week later to an understaffed friary that needed extra help covering overnight duty at our St. Anthony's Mens' Shelter. That brought me up to the departure for Honduras on Jan 23 (watch for the posts next week); I just got back to the US last night.

So, with God's help, I will try to keep you all a little more up to date on our activities!

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