Thursday, October 25, 2012

Uganda: Updates

The newly completed St. Anthony School in Matugga.
Being in Uganda afforded me the opportunity to catch up with other friends and see how their lives continue to unfold. I was able to spend a night with Fr. Simon, Fr. Wojtek and Fr. Adam - the Polish Conventual Franciscans who staff St. Francis Parish, Mutugga. I arrived at night, and the next morning was able to see the newly painted, brightly colored St. Anthony School which is now fully complete. Fr. Simon explained the color scheme for the windows and railings: green on the first floor for the earth and vegetation, blue on the second floor for the sky, and yellow on the third for the sun. It's a bright, beautiful environment in which children can learn and grow.

Dennis, Agnes and Nicolette Kiyimba.
Dennis Kiyimba, Ugandan Catholic lay missionary serving in South Sudan, accompanied a contingent from that neighboring country to the north to participate in the week of praise and worshipat Emmaus Centre. One morning I was able to travel into Kampala with him to visit his wife, Agnes, and daughter, Nicolette. I had the privilege of celebrating Dennis and Agnes's wedding at St. Matthias Mulumba Church in December of 2010. They are doing well as a young, faith-filled Catholic familiy.

Elizabeth Paskwale and Samuel Oryem from South Sudan.
One of the main reasons for being at Emmaus Centre was to have the chance to visit with Elizabeth Paskwale and Samuel Oryem, two youth from South Sudan whom we have sponsored in a nine-month formation program at Emmaus. They are entering into the final phase of their training, and have learned and grown a tremendous amount in the past year. I am extremely proud of these two young people who will return to their country in December as strong witnesses to Christ and his Church. I am also grateful to all of you who have helped to make this life-changing experience possible for them. 

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