Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Roof for St. Peter Claver Church, Lowoi Village, South Sudan!

As I shared in the blog post entitled  "Raising the Roof" on St. Peter Claver Church in the Village of Lowoi, South Sudan on March 21 of this year, Franciscan Mission Outreach partnered with St. Stephen's Charitable Fund, Sacred Heart Parish and its Knights of Columbus, and St. John the Baptist - all from the Hot Springs area of Arkansas - to raise the funds for a new roof the the village church, left unroofed for almost 20 years due to Sudan's civil war. When I was in South Sudan in May I was able to meet with representatives of the Diocese of Torit (in which the parish is located) and a building contractor to finalize plans for the project. Work began in May. The photo above and below were taken in June, and show the work in progress.

The two photos below show the completed work on the church, taken just a few days ago. It's beautiful, well done and was finished in record time. To see the difference, compare these photos with the ones from the earlier blog posting showing the unroofed church.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all the FMO donors and benefactors whose financial support helped make this miracle possible!

The new completed roof on St. Peter Claver Church, Lowoi, South Sudan.


  1. Good job on this one guys! It's good to see this church have a completely new roof. With the roof installed, the people of Sudan can use the building again. Let us hope that this program continues to reach other places, and help people rebuild churches and houses for the good of the people.

  2. Twenty years is such a long time! I’m glad that there are people, who are very dedicated in restoring this wonderful structure! It is still a long way to go, but once all the work is done, it will surely look as majestic as it was before. The roof is a good start. The roof structure looks pretty sturdy, and the choice of color is good, too. Although the metal roof is very much in contrast with the old design, it matched well with the overall look. I’m looking forward to the end result of this structure. Keep us posted!