Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haiti Mission Trip - Friars and Sisters

On our way out of the gates of the compound. Br. Pierre Toussaint,
our CFR Creole translator, is in the center.
At the inspired suggestion of Br. John Mary, right after Mass and breakfast on the last full day of the trip and before starting work, the friars and sisters visited the families in the little sector where we had done almost all our construction work of pouring slabs for the latrines. We had gotten to know the families (who live very close to one another) in the course of the week, and Br. John Mary suggested that we take a little time to greet, share and pray with them. We were blessed to have Br. Pierre Toussaint with us, to speak as one of us in the language of the people we were serving. We shared a few thoughts, gave out Rosaries and prayed a decade in Creole with those gathered together. Here are some of the photos from that visit, as well as two group shots from the day of our departure.

Br. Gerard, aka "Aquaman" with his signature water bottle,
and Sr. Ann Kateri.

Praying and sharing with the families in the little sector where we built the latrines.

Group photo (I'm included in the shadow in the lower left corner).

Our last project on the other side of the hill, overlooking the bay.

Sr. Guadalupe and friend.

Sr. Ann Kateri with a Haitian neighbor.

The friar cement crew with Captain Mike and Haitian workers Renel and Nial.

The 2012 Friar Supplier Haiti Mission Trip CFR contingent.

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