Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maynor's Videos from South Sudan

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I'm posting this entry as we prepare to leave Uganda (more on that visit to come). It includes four short video clips recorded by Maynor Ballesteros while in Torit.

Clip #1: Children entering the Mercy House Chapel (fast forwarded):

Clip #2: Main Street / Juba Road, Torit (just in front of Mercy House):

On two mornings, Maynor accompanied lay missionary Dennis Kiyimba into the field to visit projects that Shelter for Life, the NGO with which Dennis is assisting. These two videos are from those trips.

Clip #3: Excavating a Giant Cassava Root:

Clip #4: Extracting Honey from a Hive in a Tree:

This last photo is from the concluding Mass we celebrated with the St. Daniel Comboni Youth the evening before we left last Thursday.

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