Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rosary Procession through Mathare Slums

Later in the same day as the soup kitchen (below) Fr. Ray and Br. Juan Pablo organized a Rosary procession through the Mathare slums with several of the small Christian communities they work with in the area. We began as a small group in one of the tiny neighborhood chapels (above).

Praying and trekking through the streets.

Carrying a crucifix, an icon of Our Lady and candles.

Pausing at another of the neighborhood chapels (with the local leader in gray on the left).

Past a huge 12 foot pile of garbage left in the street.

Pausing at another neighborhood chapel.

Stopping to pray at one of the large "Glue Boys" bases.

The Hail Mary in Kiswahili
(note the "Glue Boy" in the background with a doll)

A young mother and newborn child.

The boys who wouldn't let go of my arm.

By the time we finished we numbered almost 40 -
a much greater turnout than expected!

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